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360 Video Editing

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New Immersive 360˚ Video Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018

Including adding text and graphics that does not look distorted!

Setting center points in 360 video

How to burn a DVD using Adobe Premiere

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Step by Step
Adobe Premiere + Adobe Media Encoder + Encore.

Here’s simple step by step on how to burn a DVD using Adobe Premiere

#1 Export media from Adobe Premiere using the MPEG2-2DVD format.
#2 Make sure before you hit render to select Video > Widescreen
#3 Select Destination folder > Hit Queue > Adobe Media Encoder will pop up on its own > Hit the GO button
#4 Open up Encore CS6
#5 In Encore, Over Project > Right click > Import as > Asset
#6 Select the two files (video and audio) on timeline and hit BUILD

Using Premiere Pro CC & Encore CS6 for Bluray, DVD, and Interactive Video for iPad,ATV, and Mobile

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tips + Notes

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6:30 Organizing files
22:43 Warp stabilizer
33:06 Syncing Audio and Video with multi camera files
36:18 All the EDITING TOOLS in Adobe Premiere (Slip Slide tool + rest)
Note: Read up on LUT Files. They help with color correction and supposed to be very useful

The Tool Bar- Selection Tools

- Every item on the toolbar has a shortcut, how to display shortcut
- The Selection Tool or Arrow. Select, marquee, move, and trim (including ALT or OPT trim).
- Option select on timeline with arrow. – Moving clips with arrow (also holding CMD) or CMD + X, C, or V. Remove Gap and Ripple Paste.
- All tracks forward and backward tool. Select and select + move (including ALT or OPT).
Notes: 5:50 Great tips on moving a batch of files in between a movie sequence and not deleting or overlapping file already placed there.
SHIFT is for moving single track contents forward or back
CTL is for INSERTING batch file in a sequence (after selecting the batch)
SHIFT + ALT to select video files MINUS the audio (or else it will select both)

How To Add Text to Video Tutorial | Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017

Call Out Titles in Premiere Pro

Interesting text with MASKING in Premiere

Call Out TRACKING. The pointer follows the subject (text remain static). The PEN tool is used

Text Bubbles




TYPEWRITE FX (Premiere but imported from AE)

4 MUST KNOW creative MASKING Techniques for Premiere Pro